January 2015
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3 Cheese Vegetable Tart


Everyday for the past 7 months (Oh, has it really been that long?) I have promised myself that I would sit down in front of my laptop and write a new post.
Everyday for the past 7 months I have come up with an excuse not to sit . . . → Read More: 3 Cheese Vegetable Tart

A trio for your consideration

shrimp and chickpea appetizer 2

What do shrimp, chickpeas and pancetta have in common?

You love all three of them? Ok, that works.

I guess they really don’t have anything in common, but they’re all really good, right?

Would you ever put them together? I probably wouldn’t have of my own accord. Continue reading A trio for your consideration

Yellow pepper pasta

yellow pepper pasta 1

For a long time and for a lot of people, Italian food was limited to just a few dishes. Pizza, lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs (which, for the record, Italians never eat together). Pasta in a tomato sauce (with or without meat) has become a real symbol of Italian food. Try it. Google: Italian food, go to Google images and see what comes up most. There’s a lot of red in those pictures. Continue reading Yellow pepper pasta

Pasta con gli asparagi


Just about every where I look these days I see fresh asparagus and I have been itching to use some. Now that spring is in full bloom here and we have had some pretty high temperatures, my allergies have knocked me flat on my back – literally, but the thought of using some fresh asparagus has kept my spirits high and my energy up.

Continue reading Pasta con gli asparagi

150 years of Unification Happy Birthday Italy!

risotto tricolore 1
Today is a national holiday in Italy – this year only – because it marks the anniversary of 150 years of Italy being a united country.
Schools and businesses are closed and we are enjoying a day off from the daily grind.
To celebrate with my boys to day, I am putting the Italian flag on the table. Continue reading 150 years of Unification Happy Birthday Italy!


barbajada 1

Barbajada [bar - bah - ya - da]

That’s not a word you see every day. It actually isn’t even a real word, it is a person’s surname that has been transformed into the name of a rich, chocolaty, coffee flavoured drink. Continue reading Barbajada

Dinner for one


I have a serious issue with cooking for one.
I have a hard time getting the amounts right. I always make too much.
Growing up I always saw my grandmothers making huge batches of whatever it was they were cooking from sauce to lasagne to veal cutlets.
Whatever wasn’t eaten right away went into the freezer for a future . . . → Read More: Dinner for one

Vegetable Ragù


Surprises come in all shapes and sizes but perhaps the best are when the surprise is a person and not a thing. Today, for Valentine’s Day I want to celebrate a different kind of love, the love we feel for friends and the bonds we create with them. This is a love letter of sorts, I used to write them regularly but I haven’t written one in long time. Continue reading Vegetable Ragù

Nutella Stuffed Pandoro French Toast


How do traditions start? The easy answer is that someone, does something, likes it and does it again. Continue reading Nutella Stuffed Pandoro French Toast

Involtini di carne

involtini di carne 6

Sometimes it is terribly easy to fall into a rut, especially a food rut.  This happens to me when I have too much going on both at work and at home and rather than use my imagination I just rely on old standbys that are fast and easy to make, and that I know everyone will eat, because let’s face it, it is not easy to please 3 different palettes, and let’s face it, everyone’s a critic right. Continue reading Involtini di carne