Involtini di carne

Sometimes it is terribly easy to fall into a rut, especially a food rut.  This happens to me when I have too much going on both at work and at home and rather than use my imagination I just rely on old standbys that are fast and easy to make, and that I know everyone will eat, because let’s face it, it is not easy to please 3 different palettes, and let’s face it, everyone’s a critic right.


So, right when I was about to bread and fry some veal cutlets I felt stirrings of rebellion deep inside me. Mostly, if the truth be told, it was because I despise the clean up involved afterwards. So I decided to go with a preparation that my husband introduced me to when we were dating (back when he was still trying to impress me).

Now, considering that I am the creative (or evil – different sides of the same coin) genius behind this site and since I want to bring only quality content to my devoted (?) readers, I thought that it would be fitting that he did the actually work while I took pictures and thought about the text that would accompany this recipe (i.e. sat drinking a glass of wine). 

The lovely thing about this is, of course,  the vegetables.  The fresher the better!

Serves 4.

8 small leg cutlets*

1 zucchini, half of which must be peeled and cut into lengthwise strips, the other half diced.

1 celery stalk, washed and half of which must be cut into lengthwise strips, the other half diced.

1 fennel bulb, washed and  half of which must be cut into lengthwise strips, the other half diced.

1 carrot, half of which must be peeled and cut into lengthwise strips, the other half diced.

250 ml veal stock

30 ml extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

* Different cultures/countries butcher their meat differently. A cut of meat that you love or that is very common where you live may very well be unheard of where I live, so after some research I have found that the name in English for what here in Italy is called a fettina, is the leg cutlet. If you know another name for it, or if it is known by a different name in your part of the world, please leave a note in the comments.

The very first thing to do is to tenderize and then season the meat. (I know that there are enzyme powders out there but I prefer a quick 1, 2, slam with the cooking utensil.)  

Place a strip of each veg on the meat at one end and roll. In fact the definition of involtino is a slice of meat rolled around stuffing and cooked, the word involtino comes from the verb involgere which means to wrap up.

Secure with tooth picks.

Heat the oil in a saucepan that is wide enough to hold all four pieces of meat side by side.  Cook the diced veg in the oil until tender.

Add the meat rolls and brown on all sides, then add the veal stock.

Cook uncovered at medium high temperature until the meat has cooked through, turning occasionally.  Remove the meat rolls from the pan, cover and set aside. Raise the heat and let the liquid evaporate a little bit.

Move the meat rolls to a serving dish and cover with the remaining liquid and diced vegetables.

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