150 years of Unification Happy Birthday Italy!

Today is a national holiday in Italy – this year only – because it marks the anniversary of 150 years of Italy being a united country.
Schools and businesses are closed and we are enjoying a day off from the daily grind.
To celebrate with my boys to day, I am putting the Italian flag on the table.
Three types of risotto, one to represent each field of the Italian flag.

A spinach risotto to represent the green field of the flag, a creamy risotto parmigiano to represent the white field and last but not least, a roasted red pepper and garlic risotto for the red field.

Ingredients and directions provided below will provide a tasting menu for four.

Spinach risotto

15 ml olive oil
80 grams of rice
100 gr cooked, drained and puréed spinach
1 litre vegetable stock

Risotto al Parmigiano

15 ml olive oil
80 grams of rice
1 litre vegetable stock
30 ml cream
30 grams parmigiano

Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Risotto

15 ml olive oil
80 grams rice
1 roasted red pepper
1 small glove roasted garlic (purée the garlic and pepper together)
1 litre vegetable stock

If you make all three together this is a high maintenance dish. It is not difficult, but you have to monitor the cooking process very closely and keep track of all three. If you make them one at a time, then you can relax a little bit.
You will need either 3 medium saucepans or 3 medium frying pans, which ever you have room for on your stove top.
Heat 15 ml of olive oil in each pan over medium-low heat, add the rice and stir.
Add one ladle of broth to each pan, stir and make sure the flame isn’t too high, You don’t want the liquid to boil off too quickly.
In one pan, add the spinach purée, stir to incorporate and add another ladle of broth.
In another pan, add the red pepper/garlic purée, stir to incorporate and add another ladel of broth.
In the third pan, add the cream and another ladle of broth.
Each time the liquid evaporates, add another ladle of broth to continue cooking the rice. After about 30 minutes check the rice to determine how cooked it is.
You want the rice to be a little al dente but not under cooked.
Just before removing the white rice from the heat, add the parmigiano and salt to taste, stir well to incorporate.
Before removing the green and red rice from the heat, add salt to taste, stir well.

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