3 Cheese Vegetable Tart


Everyday for the past 7 months (Oh, has it really been that long?) I have promised myself that I would sit down in front of my laptop and write a new post. Everyday for the past . . . → Read More: 3 Cheese Vegetable Tart

A trio for your consideration

shrimp and chickpea appetizer 2

What do shrimp, chickpeas and pancetta have in common? You love all three of them? Ok, that works. I guess they really don’t have anything in common, but they’re all really good, right? Would you ever put them together? I probably wouldn’t have of my own accord. . . . → Read More: A trio for your consideration

Teeny, tiny, cheesy, mini, mushroom tarts


I have so many memories of my parents throwing dinner parties and hosting events where food was the central focus of the preparations and festivities. . . . → Read More: Teeny, tiny, cheesy, mini, mushroom tarts

Fagottini salati


Recently it has been all about comfort food here in rainy, foggy, cold Milan. . . . → Read More: Fagottini salati

Smoked tuna tartar


My sisters and I used to laugh at my mother whenever she would say *I can make that.* This was usually her response to something one of us had paid too much money for – a sweater, a bag, a decorative object, whatever. Annoying? Perhaps, but not half as annoying as knowing that she was . . . → Read More: Smoked tuna tartar

Melanzane sott’olio (eggplant preserves)

We use bail closure jars

. . . → Read More: Melanzane sott’olio (eggplant preserves)

Bresaola and robiola


Another recipe that involves zero cooking, how much do you love me right now? Well if you are living through heat and humidity like I am, you should probably love me as much as your favourite ice cream right about now. . . . → Read More: Bresaola and robiola

Calamari salad

calamari salad 1

The heat and humidity are back and they are back with a vengence. This means two things at my house – 1) the oven is closed – no pizza, no cookies, no lasagna, no cakes, nothing that needs to be baked – period. 2) cold meals whenever possible – Salads of every type imaginable, raw . . . → Read More: Calamari salad

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

crab cheese

Welcome! Welcome, come on in. . . . → Read More: Ultimate Blog Party 2009

File these under *WHAT WAS I THINKING?*

mini pastry

Ever have one of those great ideas that you just can’t wait to put into practice? You are absolutely convinced that it is going to work out perfectly and you even start to feel a little smug over your undeniable genius. . . . → Read More: File these under *WHAT WAS I THINKING?*