Another nameless cocktail

I did warn you. I very clearly stated that I would not be doing much cooking until the weather broke and so today I am offering another cocktail experiment. I made this over the weekend and I would definitely make it again. It’s very fruity and . . . → Read More: Another nameless cocktail

Watermelon margarita

I’m exhausted. It’s summer sale season here in Italy and I just got my summer bonus. Need I say more? Didn’t think so. Moving on. Shopping tires me out and makes me thirsty, add to that the fact that Peter and Michelle planted a tequila flavoured . . . → Read More: Watermelon margarita

Name that cocktail

Last night I really wanted a Cosmopolitan, but cranberry juice is not easy to find here and I didn’t feel like leaving the comfort of home to go to a bar, so… I thought it was time to experiment with cocktails again! Trying to stick with . . . → Read More: Name that cocktail

A new cocktail experiment and a new meme

melon-liqueur-sm.jpg I was staring at this bottle of melon liqueur (actually its a cream of cantaloupe liqueur and it is marvelously tasty chilled) wondering what I could do with it besides the obvious. Pour it over ice cream? Okay, that was a bad idea. Add it to a dessert? Feeling too tired . . . → Read More: A new cocktail experiment and a new meme

Blogger's Delight

bloggers-delight-small.jpg Blogger’s Delight You will need: 2 large martini glasses 1 cocktail shaker ice 30ml strawberry vodka 60 ml Hpnotiq 80ml pomegranite juice 80ml lemon juice put all ingredients in cocktail shaker, shake vigorously and pour into martini glasses enjoy DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE