A treasure map?

Have I mentioned that it is sale season in Italy? It has been since July 5 and I have been taking advantage of it more than my husband needs to know about. The other day, I was out looking for a gift for my grandmother when . . . → Read More: A treasure map?

Pascoli part 4 – I dolci

I dolci – dessert Have you ever been out for an amazing meal and then not been satisfied by the dessert? Well, that was NOT the case here! Just like every other dish that was but in front of us, the desserts were all homemade with fresh ingredients and a tribute to simple, tasty classics. . . . → Read More: Pascoli part 4 – I dolci

Pascoli part 3 – I secondi

I secondi – proteins, proteins, proteins Land, sea and air and it was all wonderful. I didn’t have a favourite because it was too difficult to choose. These were our three options that night. Beef tartar on a bed of fresh rocket and lemon. It is hard to see, but that actually is a heart-shape . . . → Read More: Pascoli part 3 – I secondi

Pascoli part 2 – I primi

As part of Aloha Friday’s: Which of these three would you order? I primi (pasta or risotto) I mentioned that everything at Pascoli is organic/free range, fresh and local. I mentioned that the decor is elegant and welcoming. I didn’t mention that it is small. A rough guesstimate would be seating for 40, and when . . . → Read More: Pascoli part 2 – I primi

Pascoli part 1

How good does a meal have to be if it took three years to make it happen and how much would you be willing to pay for that meal? Have I got you curious? Imagine a group of friends that have been talking about organizing an adults only dinner for 3 years. Well not to . . . → Read More: Pascoli part 1

Il Verdi – a restaurant review

I actually promised this review quite some time ago, but I am just getting around to writing it up now. I have given a lot of thought to how interesting (or not) restaurant reviews might be considering that not everyone who reads this will get a . . . → Read More: Il Verdi – a restaurant review