3 Cheese Vegetable Tart


Everyday for the past 7 months (Oh, has it really been that long?) I have promised myself that I would sit down in front of my laptop and write a new post. Everyday for the past . . . → Read More: 3 Cheese Vegetable Tart

Involtini di carne

involtini di carne 6

Sometimes it is terribly easy to fall into a rut, especially a food rut. This happens to me when I have too much going on both at work and at home and rather than use my imagination I just rely on old standbys that are fast and easy to make, and that I know everyone . . . → Read More: Involtini di carne

Lenticchie in umido (braised lentils)

braised lentils 9

Have you been overtaken by holiday madness? This year has been remarkably stress free for me, probably because we decided to go low key for the season. . . . → Read More: Lenticchie in umido (braised lentils)

Salsiccia e fagioli


F3UAEKDEBZV4 Feel free to ignore those letters and numbers it’s just me claiming my blog nothing to be alarmed about. What is really important is today’s dish, which is so much more than a variation on pork and beans. . . . → Read More: Salsiccia e fagioli

Fagottini salati


Recently it has been all about comfort food here in rainy, foggy, cold Milan. . . . → Read More: Fagottini salati

Smoked tuna tartar


My sisters and I used to laugh at my mother whenever she would say *I can make that.* This was usually her response to something one of us had paid too much money for – a sweater, a bag, a decorative object, whatever. Annoying? Perhaps, but not half as annoying as knowing that she was . . . → Read More: Smoked tuna tartar

Bresaola and robiola


Another recipe that involves zero cooking, how much do you love me right now? Well if you are living through heat and humidity like I am, you should probably love me as much as your favourite ice cream right about now. . . . → Read More: Bresaola and robiola

Bresaola, arugula, grana padana and I promise not to complain about the heat

bresaola rucola grana

How about a recipe that requires no cooking at all? None. Interested? How about if that recipe is also a traditional dish made with local, products purchased directly from the farmer/producer? Interested yet? This dish requires no cooking, even if you can’t even cook an egg, you can pull this off beautifully. You need 6 . . . → Read More: Bresaola, arugula, grana padana and I promise not to complain about the heat

A train journey with surprise

close up

So there I was on the Eurostar – Milano/Roma – sitting in the club car sipping a glass of wine and waiting for my lunch. It was August and outside my windows the countryside was slipping by and the train was full. Having lunch in the club car was my way of treating myself and . . . → Read More: A train journey with surprise

Lonza ubriaca, a drunken pork loin

pork loin

This was supposed to be a completely different dish. It was supposed to be pork loin fillets with a white wine sauce, raisins and pine nuts. I was actually looking forward to making the dish and there is a pretty cool back story about the first time I ever had it. . . . → Read More: Lonza ubriaca, a drunken pork loin