Totani ripieni – Flying squid anyone?

stuffed calamari 1

No. This is not a joke. Nor have I started blogging about lesser known sci-fi B movies. I’m still writing about food, mostly Italian, and today is no exception. The flying squid I am referring to are also known as Broadtail Shortfin squid or Totani. . . . → Read More: Totani ripieni – Flying squid anyone?

A childhood favourite revisited


A couple of weeks ago I spent three days with my cousin and his new bride. They passed through Milan during their honeymoon tour of Italy and while we took in the sights and shopping that Milan has to offer, we also did a lot of catching up and reminiscing. . . . → Read More: A childhood favourite revisited

Calamari salad

calamari salad 1

The heat and humidity are back and they are back with a vengence. This means two things at my house – 1) the oven is closed – no pizza, no cookies, no lasagna, no cakes, nothing that needs to be baked – period. 2) cold meals whenever possible – Salads of every type imaginable, raw . . . → Read More: Calamari salad

Expats say the darndest things

fried calamari

In recent months I have seen a lot of my fellow expats writing about their own language adventures and it has always reminded me of something that happened to me my first year in Italy. . . . → Read More: Expats say the darndest things

Cotoletta alla Milanese


One of the things that I remember most from watching The Sound of Music as a child, is the mention of wiener schnitzel. . . . → Read More: Cotoletta alla Milanese

The incident with the eels

In certain parts of Italy, mostly south of Rome, capitone is an important dish at the Christmas Eve meal. Although my Italian born parents grew up in Canada, they still held on to many traditions from the old country and for years, the Christmas Eve menu was one of them. My maternal grandmother has reigned . . . → Read More: The incident with the eels

O Foods for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Ossobuco alla milanese

OssobucO for O foodsOssobucO for O foods Today is the deadline for participating in the O foods for Ovarian Cancer food event organized by Michelle over at Bleeding Espresso, Jenn at The Leftover Queen and Sara at Ms. Adventures in Italy. To read more about it, you . . . → Read More: O Foods for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Ossobuco alla milanese

Poutine and Beaver tails

If you are confused and bewildered, well then chances are you aren’t Canadian. Poutine and beaver tails are two (very yummy) dishes that are famous in Canada but not so much in the rest of the world (yet). Poutine [poo-tin] or [pootsin] is a French Canadian dish that can either be served as a side . . . → Read More: Poutine and Beaver tails

Fagioli in umido (braised Beans) and le pan’ont

On a certain level, I get the attraction of ready made meals. I understand being tired at the end of the day and just wanting to get something in your stomach quickly. I also understand that many people think that cooking is something complicated and . . . → Read More: Fagioli in umido (braised Beans) and le pan’ont

Una faccia, una razza


In Gabrielle Salvatores‘ 1991 film Mediterraneo, a small group of Italian soldiers end up stranded and forgotten on a small Greek island during the second world war. . . . → Read More: Una faccia, una razza