How (and why) One Family Abandoned Bottled Water

glass of water

I’ve had plenty of bad habits in my life. I used to smoke. I used to bite my fingernails. I used to buy bottled water. About 8 years ago we (my husband and I) decided to stop buying bottled water when we realized that we really didn’t have a good reason to keep doing it. . . . → Read More: How (and why) One Family Abandoned Bottled Water

Canning your own pasta sauce (not just tomato paste)

canned veg ragu

Just a quick note to announce the winners of the Amazon gift certificates: Ginda Simpson, Saretta and Robin have each won a gift certificate to Amazon worth € 30. Congratulations ladies! . . . → Read More: Canning your own pasta sauce (not just tomato paste)

Smoked tuna tartar


My sisters and I used to laugh at my mother whenever she would say *I can make that.* This was usually her response to something one of us had paid too much money for – a sweater, a bag, a decorative object, whatever. Annoying? Perhaps, but not half as annoying as knowing that she was . . . → Read More: Smoked tuna tartar

New Beginnings and risotto


Welcome to Frutto della Passione’s new home. For so many reasons this has always been my favourite time of year, and against all logic autumn has always felt like a time for new beginnings for me. . . . → Read More: New Beginnings and risotto

Melanzane sott’olio (eggplant preserves)

We use bail closure jars

. . . → Read More: Melanzane sott’olio (eggplant preserves)

Smoked swordfish and vegetable pasta


So autumn is quite literally just around the corner. And yet I don’t quite feel ready for it yet. This year summer seemed to go by far too quickly. . . . → Read More: Smoked swordfish and vegetable pasta

Hand made fettuccine

fettuccine 3

Both my husband and I are story-tellers. By that I mean, that given the chance, we will happily entertain anyone who will listen with anecdotes and tales from our travels and mildly adventurous pasts. . . . → Read More: Hand made fettuccine

Let’s call them Bavette Tricolore

bavette 2

This August I spent my holidays at a beach in Le Marche with my family. We had a small apartment for the week and our goal was to rest and be as laid back as possible without actually falling asleep in public. This of course meant that the most physically strenuous thing we did was . . . → Read More: Let’s call them Bavette Tricolore

Bresaola and robiola


Another recipe that involves zero cooking, how much do you love me right now? Well if you are living through heat and humidity like I am, you should probably love me as much as your favourite ice cream right about now. . . . → Read More: Bresaola and robiola

A Secret Dinner


So I recently had a birthday and my husband and son made a very happy girl by giving me an SLR camera – something I had been coveting for quite sometime. After several days of pouring over the manual and taking pictures of anything and everything, I went online and did a little research into . . . → Read More: A Secret Dinner