Nutella Stuffed Pandoro French Toast


How do traditions start? The easy answer is that someone, does something, likes it and does it again. . . . → Read More: Nutella Stuffed Pandoro French Toast

Nutella Day 2010


It’s here, it’s here, hurray, hurray – Spread the word it’s Nutella Day!! (Sorry, had a Dr. Seuss moment, won’t happen again) . . . → Read More: Nutella Day 2010

Nutella truffles

group shot

February has always been my least favourite month, maybe because it always seems that winter is at it’s worst, or maybe because there are no long weekends! . . . → Read More: Nutella truffles

The Nutella Site – Website of the Month May 2008

To make up for posting this half way through the month, I have decided to go with what is possibly the sweetest, smoothest, most tempting place in the world (wide web). What could be better than the Nutella website? I think that as far as content is concerned, the Italian site is by far . . . → Read More: The Nutella Site – Website of the Month May 2008

Wanna be Nutella Cookies

If you don’t experiment, you don’t learn. Sometimes the results are great and others, well, not so much. I have been wanting to experiment with a recipe for the longest time, but I was always too busy or too tired or too something or other. Nutella Day was the perfect opportunity to finally give it . . . → Read More: Wanna be Nutella Cookies