Totani ripieni – Flying squid anyone?

stuffed calamari 1

No. This is not a joke. Nor have I started blogging about lesser known sci-fi B movies. I’m still writing about food, mostly Italian, and today is no exception. The flying squid I am referring to are also known as Broadtail Shortfin squid or Totani. . . . → Read More: Totani ripieni – Flying squid anyone?

Calamari salad

calamari salad 1

The heat and humidity are back and they are back with a vengence. This means two things at my house – 1) the oven is closed – no pizza, no cookies, no lasagna, no cakes, nothing that needs to be baked – period. 2) cold meals whenever possible – Salads of every type imaginable, raw . . . → Read More: Calamari salad